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Two Person Application Karate Flow Drills

In Two Person Application Karate Flow Drills both partners alternate roles between active and passive, attacker and defender. This program is designed for both the students and instructors in gaining a better understanding of bridging Kata and Kihon Waza. Adding Flow Drills to your curriculum will enhance the understanding of distance, timing, and footwork through drill technique repetition.

Benefits: Improve instinct reaction and response, distance and timing, overall body conditioning, close-range stability, and opponent control.

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Simplicity in Understanding Kata Bunkai

In this four-volume DVD set, Sensei Jerry Figgiani discusses core principles for understanding practical bunkai applications, using the 18 modern and ancient kata from Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu.

US and Overseas Pricing

From the Minds of the Masters
The Inside Thoughts, Tips & Techniques From Modern Karate-Do’s Best and Brightest
Authored by Jerry Figgiani
Edited by Jeff Slutsky

Inspired by Jerry Figgiani’s articles for The Master's Magazine, this book provides in-depth interviews and insights from the modern karate masters including Frank Grant, Joseph Carbonara, Kensei Taba, Takeshi Tamaki, and Masahiko Tokashiki. Plus special remembrances of the Okinawan greats including James Wax, Ansei Ueshiro, Soke Takayoshi Nagamine, Parker Shelton, and Joe Lewis.

You’ll also get an in-depth understanding of the seven Yakusoku Kumite (two-person fighting techniques) and the true origins of the original mixed martial art. Yes, MMA is actually hundreds of years old! This book features many historical photographs of the Masters.

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The Yakusoku Kumite of Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu

In this DVD Jerry Figgiani, 8th Dan, President/Founder of SRKDI, covers the seven Yakusoku Kumite drills developed by Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine. Sensei Figgiani discusses form, function, and practical application of each drill, and he explores historical content informing each drill.

Same Price for US and Overseas
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