Judo Program

Judo - Meaning "Gentle Way." 

Judo, meaning gentle way, is a martial art that aims at strengthening the student’s mind and body through its training methods. With its close-quarter techniques of gripping, seizing, throwing, and grappling, students will learn to use their opponent’s own strength and force against them. While Judo is often practiced as a tournament sport, it is also a very powerful, effective and empowering self-defense based workout.

Judo Is Great For Students Of All Ages

Practiced by children and adults alike, our unique approach to this classical Japanese art is safe, fun, and above all will create self-confidence and awareness in all who practice it. Our program is geared toward giving each student an incredible workout while building strength, agility, and stamina as well as learning how to integrate the mechanics of judo with karate.

As you learn to utilize your body in the most efficient way possible, you won't ever feel or be defenseless. As a result, you'll gain more energy, more power, get more toned, and build lean muscle mass. Therefore, whether your goal is to get in amazing shape, to learn how to defend yourself, or both - our Judo program will guide you to personal success.

East Coast Black Belt Academy Children’s & Adult’s Judo Program
Traditional Japanese Judo in Middle Island, Long Island NY

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